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The Five Secrets of Creating a Five-Star

Culture of Excellence: Secret One

The first ingredient in the secret sauce to five-star success is the ability to lead well, which happens through continual personal and professional development. Great organizations are leaders in their fields—they’re the best of the best—and they always look to have leaders throughout the ranks. These leaders could be the managers, middle managers, or line workers; they could be those who upload programs on the web, answer phones, or clean the buildings. Whatever their role, these are employees who are empowered to do whatever is necessary to provide excellent service to customers.

Implement Dynamic Leadership Development


Encourage Your People: To create happy and productive employees, the first thing great organizations do is encourage their employees.


Keep Your People Engaged: The second thing top-tier organizations do to create happy and productive employees is keep them engaged at work.


Coach Your Team to Have an Attitude of Excellence: A winning team tends to be a happy team.